Royal Mail, Plymouth

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Royal Mail
PL5 2LG Plymouth
Devon England
*This location is permanently closed. Please select a nearby branch.

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, more than 6 months ago

So i have a door bell fitted so i can hear when the post comes....what do they do but tap on the door gently so as not to scratch there nail varnish and leave a no problem i shall pop over to Saltash and collect as it states on the card only to be told its at West Park and the wrong card was left.So i pop back over to West Park and they are shut.I know they don't need a NVQ to put letters etc in the door but surely they can press a button and know where they have then took the parcel for goodness sake.

, more than 6 months ago

Royal mail constantly fail to deliver items and have to go to west park office to collect it. Once i discovered a failed to deliver note on the door mat. The postman was just walking away from the property so i shouted after him. Today at 09 45 hrs discovered the same note on the door mat so say timed at 10.00 hours. It is pretty obvious to me that there is absolutely no desire to deliver items it is a lot easier to get you to go to west park. This must be true judging by the queue at the sorting office to collect items they have failed to deliver

, more than 6 months ago

I think its terrible how our post in the whitleigh area is know being delivered anytime after 3pm yesterday it was 4.45pm.Its nowonder the postoffice know has a problem with other postal services.

by more than 6 months ago

As a postman myself I can say that this may have been due to 'savings'. This is a process where maybe one or possibly two of the postal rounds are split up into small 10-15 minute sections & each postman has to take out his 'savings' aswell as his own postal round, this may then be delivered in the afternoon after the postman has finished his own postal round!! Plymouth is a big city with lots of mail, plus December is a busy time of year!

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